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Lesson Plans

Male Teacher with Students

This page serves as a destination for teachers to share lesson plans aimed at various age groups to help them teach their students about PVs. Have a lesson plan you'd like to add? Please contact us and we'll be happy to include it.

Teacher Instructing

"Solar-Powered Insects!", Wendilyn Ilund (Grades K-2)

Students will use the Engineering Design Process to create and improve an object powered by solar energy.

"Rays of Sunshine", Roger Barker (Grades 3-6)

In this activity students will learn that all living things on Earth get their energy from the sun.

Photovoltaics, Roger Barker and Elizabeth Dees (Grade 5-8)

This lecture covers some of the basics of electricity creation and how photovoltaics fit into the equation.

"Photovoltaic Cell Lab", Roger Barker (Grade 6-8)

"High School Physics Photovoltaic Cell Lab", Roger Barker and Jonathan Linley (Grades 9-12)

During this lesson, students will learn what factors affect the efficiency of a photovoltaic cell.

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