Industry Advisory Board Meetings

Our Fall 2022 IAB Meeting is coming soon!

Our next IAB meeting will take place on October 11, 2022 in Fort Collins, CO on Colorado State's campus. We'll meet in the Lory Student Center in Ballroom D. This will be our first time meeting in Colorado since Fall 2019 and we're excited to be back.

For our members, the documents from the meeting have been posted online here. If you are in need of the password, please let us know and we'll make sure to get you access.

If you're interested in attending a future meeting and are not a member yet, please reach out to our Center Director, Brian Korgel.

About the Meetings

The Center for a Solar Powered Future works on cutting edge research. The industry advisory board meets with the Center researchers twice a year. Project selections occur during one of these meetings while the other focuses on outcomes of the research. We also have two quarterly research updates for Center members to stay updated on research progress and as an opportunity to provide input to the research team. If you're interested in attending an IAB meeting, please contact us.